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Here are 5 Reasons Why Mentoring Matters - Mark Fritz

01 November 2017

Mark Fritz does an excellent job detailing reasons why having a mentor could make a huge difference for CEOs. A personal favorite: “A mentor can help you identify and create the new habits you need, and hold you accountable until you fully implement them.”

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25th year of helping leaders win

11 July 2017

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Back in 1993, coaching was simply sports terminology, the Maastricht Treaty formally established the Europe Union, Nelson Mandela was joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Bill Clinton became President of the USA, Jurassic Park was that year’s highest grossing movie and the actress Audrey Hepburn died. And Robertson Burns was born. We’re in the people business or, as I often jest, the “love-making” business.  Be assured that this epithet in no way relates to our first office, in a lofty g...

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Communicating effectively is a two-way process

17 April 2017

Clear. Articulate. Passionate. The ability to communicate well is a leader's most vital trait. And despite technology and our ever-increasing online presence, face to face communication remains the most compelling form of human interaction. Relating to our listeners is the starting point to engaging others successfully. Effective communication begins with a plan and ends with our giving our best to every audience, large or small,every time. Whether we love getting on the soap box or are...

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Leadership is about disposition, not position

01 February 2017

I've long held the view that success starts at the top. The quality of an organisation’s leaders has the greatest impact on performance. Of course, leadership is both art and science. The art is about identifying who you are as an individual, team or organization – brand – and what you stand for – values. Then to agree and exemplify the associated behaviours to create and nurture the required culture to consistently perform at your best, to drive sustainable change and to beat the competit...

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